Product techniques

We are the specialist in manufacturing rubber profiles

The professionals at TPP are specialised in extruding customer-specific rubber sealing profiles. For various purposes, endless application possibilities and specific ambient temperatures. This for both indoor and outdoor use. Our profiles are processed either manually or fully automatically in the production process or on location.

Mould construction

The development and production of the moulds are carried out by the TPP professionals in-house.


Item, production or delivery information can be retrieved quickly thanks to inkjet coding in the production process.

Sealant layers

By applying a sealant layer (Butyl) to the profiles during the production process greatly simplifies assembly.

Corner vulcanisation

We offer the processing of extrusion profiles into a window, frame, angle, Z or U profile in the form of corner or film vulcanisation.

Anti-stretch cord

Preventing a profile from stretching or shrinking has the advantage that these profiles can be processed mechanically very well.


The co-extrusion process makes it possible to manufacture profiles in 2 different colours or hardnesses.

All lengths possible

De profiellengte kan in ons productieproces op iedere gewenste maat worden afgekort.