Sealing gaskets

One-stop-shopping partner

We specialise in the development and production of customer-specific, rubber sealing gaskets.

We see it as our mission to be the one-stop-shopping partner for our customers when it comes to the development and supply of flexible gaskets. With a wide range of products, which consist of raw materials suitable for many applications, and by adding value to the end product, the total cost of ownership for you will be as low as possible. We supply EPDM, TPE and silicone profiles in almost any required length, colour, and packaging. In the design we take into account the application, the specific ambient temperatures, indoor and outdoor use, insulation value, as well as the manual or fully automatic processing in the production process or on location.

Vision on sustainability

It is our vision that the products we design, and supply will be manufactured in a sustainable way. We see the use of recyclable raw materials increasing in the future. We already offer the possibility of using recyclable thermoplastics in the development of new products or the so-called TPP-green compounds in which our vulcanised EPDM waste is processed as a vulcaniser. In this way, we try to fully process our residual materials into new end products.

Products and application areas

Thanks to many years of experience and practical knowledge, we are your partner when it comes to flexible sealing gaskets, glazing gaskets, window and door gaskets, edge gaskets, clamping gaskets, mounting clips, edge finishing gaskets etc. Our products are worldwide incorporated in many market segments and applications such as outer walls, window and door frames, horticultural greenhouses, conservatories, agricultural machinery, building elements, prefab houses, solar panels and packaging.