Greenhouse construction

Thanks to the continuous development of rubber profiles, the modern greenhouse has been modernized in terms of insulation and glass breakage during storms has been greatly reduced.

Profiles supplied by TPP are of high quality and can be used in extreme hot or cold environments. The profiles have an aesthetic white co-extrusion layer, which also has the function of conducting away the heat. . A non-stretch cord is used for the automatic feeding of these profiles.

For the project below, we also used a non-stretch cord for the automatic feeding of the rubbers into the aluminium construction. This allows the aluminium parts to be placed directly on site.

holland gaas1

Techniques used for this project

Mould construction

The development and production of the moulds for the production process is carried out entirely in-house at TPP.

Anti-stretch cord

Profiles can be provided with an non-stretch cord in our production process.

At requested lengths

At TPP we deliver custom-made products! Not only the profiles we manufacture are customer specific, also the profile lengths can be cut to any required length in our production process.