Conservatories and canopies

Many of our profiles can be found in various conservatories and canopies. An extra advantage is that these profiles are not standard black, but have a colour coating (similar to RAL). The physical properties of EPDM are of course retained. Many TPE applications are also used for indoor applications; these are easy to weld into the corners.

Group (10)

Techniques used for this project

Mould construction

The development and production of the moulds for the production process is carried out entirely in-house at TPP.


The extrusion of customer-specific rubber gaskets is our speciality! The application possibilities and specific ambient temperatures are endless for both indoor and outdoor use.

Corner vulcanisation

We offer the processing of extrusion profiles into a window, frame, angle, Z or U profile in the form of corner or film vulcanisation. This corner connection creates a 100% water and airtight seal. A major advantage for you is that we can supply the end product tailored to your needs.

Any length possible

At TPP we deliver custom-made products! Not only the profiles we manufacture are customer specific, also the profile lengths can be cut to any required length in our production process.