Inkjet coding in the production process

Providing your rubber profiles with an inkjet coding in the production process will help you to retrieve item, production and delivery information quickly.

In the production process, profiles can be provided with an inkjet coding. At predefined distances, for example, the name of the customer, project or a specific code can be printed on the profile so that it is easily recognisable. The advantage is that article, production or delivery information can be easily and quickly retrieved.

In practice

The issue here was to increase the traceability of the profiles. Inkjet coding during the production process provided the solution!

In this process, a code is applied to the profile. This can be, for example, the profile number of the customer, but also the internal TPP profile number or the production date. All variations are possible.

For example, a profile in a building that is due for replacement can easily be traced using this coding. In this way, you are assured of consistent quality and application of your end product. An additional advantage is that you save on unnecessary handling costs and possible errors in the future.

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