The extrusion of customer-specific rubber gaskets is our speciality! The extrusion of customer-specific rubber gaskets is our speciality! The application possibilities and specific ambient temperatures are endless for both indoor and outdoor use.

Profiles manufactured by us are processed manually or fully automatically in the production process or on location.

We manufacture these profiles in specific compounds that have been (or will be) developed especially for your specific applications. Examples of these specific compounds are:


EPDM Fire Retardant

Standardised for transport and logistics applications.

EPDM Fire Retardant EN13501


Standardised for building and construction applications.

EPDM Structural glazing


Developed for facade construction applications and compatible with various sealant products such as DC, SIKA, TREMCO, ILLBRUCK. Hardness between 70 and 85 shore.

EPDM Sponge

Developed for thermal and acoustic insulation applications.


Acrylic compatible. Hardness between 70 and 85 shore.

EPDM conform DIN7863

Specific compounds for facade, window and door applications. Hardness between 60 and 85 shore.

EPDM Easyset

Compound with permanent sliding properties, specifically developed to make it easier and more efficient to install EPDM profiles in aluminium profiles. Hardness between 70 and 85 shore.


Durable compound containing a proportion of residual product which gives this compound a greener character. This without detracting from the optical properties, tensile strength and compression set. Hardness between 70 and 85 shore.


This thermoplastic elastomer is available with a hardness between 10 and 90 shore A and in several colours. Transparent and translucent are also possible. The thermoplastic elastomer SEBS is elastic and highly resistant to tearing and perforation.

Silicone (MVQ,VMQ)

For specific facade construction and industrial applications. Heat resistant up to 200°C, cold flexibility up to -60°C, odourless and tasteless, good ozone and UV resistance.

Extrusion dies

Moulds are developed and manufactured in-house at TPP.


The (co-)engineering of the right seal for customer specific applications.