We continuously strive to develop new, customer-specific products together with you through co-engineering.

By combining our joint expertise, we know from experience that a product that meets your solution can be developed in the shortest possible time. By not only focusing on the design, but also involving the Supply Chain and Operations in the entire consultancy process, our goal is to strive for the lowest possible Total Cost of Ownership for you.


In practice

This customer was looking for a watertight seal for a new product to be developed. The preference was for a rubber profile. We were asked to develop this in co-engineering.

Based on the supplied specifications, we gave advice on the right sealing profile. This was achieved with a proposal drawing in which we also gave advice on which compound would be best applicable. After the customer’s approval, we converted the design into a mould and manufactured a corresponding sample. This sample was then subjected to an internal functional test, in which we checked whether the specifications were 100% in accordance with the customer’s expectations.

After the customer agreed with all the specifications, which also included the delivery and packaging requirements, we started the series production of this new TPP product.

Extrusion dies

Moulds are developed and manufactured in-house at TPP.


We are specialised in the extrusion of customer-
specific rubber sealing gaskets for various applications.