We at TPP are aware that sustainable manufacturing contributes positively to the environment and the world we live in and allow our children to grow up in.

For this reason, we strive, in addition to quality and efficiency, to critically examine the way we design and manufacture our products in all our processes.


Sustainable production

Sustainable manufacturing applies to everything from simple activities to complex matters. For example, we have almost completely converted the paper document flow in our company to a paperless, digital form.

In addition, we only use green electricity for our manufacturing processes and the office environment, and the lighting in our premises was replaced by LED lighting several years ago.


Together for a greener world

Together with our customers, we want to take the sustainability aspect into account during the design phase of new products by using recyclable raw materials or raw materials in which residual products have been recycled to the basic raw material while retaining their functional and optical properties. We already offer the possibility of using recyclable thermoplastics in the development of new products or the so-called TPP-green compounds in which our vulcanised EPDM waste is processed as a vulcaniser. In this way, we want to process our residual materials into new end products wherever possible.

In cooperation with our customers, we are thus making a positive contribution to a more beautiful and better world.